Osiris Software is cloud-based which means it is always on and always accessible. We live in a mobile world and understand how work must travel with you. So, in addition to our desktop software, Osiris Software offers mobile apps for both iOS and Android so you can stay connected while on the go.


Osiris Software was built by funeral directors for funeral directors. Osiris Software is the premium management solution for funeral homes, cemeteries and crematories. Our pricing plans are flexible and affordable which makes Osiris not only easy to use, but easy to own. Give Osiris a try and sign up for your 30-day free trial. And, because we know you’ll fall in love with Osiris, once your free trial is up, all your work and data will seamlessly rollover to one of our paid subscription plans so you can just keep on working.

The Right Tools. The Right Solution.

Osiris Software captures all of your data in one central, affordable system and distributes it instantly to all other integrated components to eliminate redundant efforts.

Flexible Plans To Grow With You.

Osiris Software offers worry-free, monthly subscription-based pricing plans. Software enhancements and technical support are always included with every subscription.

We Answer Only To You.

When you succeed, we succeed. Orisis Software is independently owned and operated and we stand by our commitment to you and a promise that we won’t sell our products through you.


Osiris Software puts the power of managing your cremation cases in your hands. With our cremation management feature you’ll be able to track cremation pickup and drop-off times, record when tasks are complete, and efficiently finish all of the necessary paperwork with Osiris. The workflow steps are also user-defined so you can customize what you want to track.


Tips for Improving Your Cremation Marketing

Implementing the right marketing strategy for your cremation business is essential in building brand awareness and consumer loyalty.. The right marketing strategy and tactics can be streamlined and made cost-efficient, so there is no need to limit these initiatives [...]

Storage and file transfer are a breeze with Osiris Software’s integration with Dropbox. Backup, store and send files to team members, vendors and clients.

Osiris Software allows you to submit forms and contracts for e-signature. Osiris e-signatures do meet the standard legal requirements needed to execute agreements.

Our 2-way direct integration with both Quickbooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online eliminates the need for intermediary excel files and troublesome file-based imports.