In recent years, technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) have come to play an increasingly prevalent role in our day-to-day lives.

We use the internet for everything from shopping to research to entertainment. Chances are, any time we have a question, we access Google for the answer.

The members of the death care industry can benefit from the Internet’s growing resource pool and can harness this vast technology to help create a better customer service experience through mass market industry insight, advanced software solutions and customer engagements.

Here are a few ways to get started.

Create a Web Presence
Create a clean and easily navigable website so when interested people are searching for solutions, your business offerings are front and center. Consumer trends show that business prospects will first seek out your information online to help them learn more about what you do and what services your funeral home can offer them. Your funeral home website is where you can display products, services, reviews and testimonials, all with the aim of creating a relatable character for your brand online. Most likely, your website will be your first impression to families and individuals seeking your death care services.

If you’re ready to get started, seek a professional digital agency that specializes in website design solutions for funeral home businesses. Funeral Innovations, CFS and Frazer Consultants all build beautiful websites, packed with features, that can be tailored to address your specific death care business needs.

Put Together Moving Videos
While static photos used to be the standard at memorial and funerals, now we can create moving tribute videos by combining photos and video clips set to music. This can be shown at the visitation, during the service and given to the families as a keepsake. If this is a service you provide at your funeral home business, be sure to list this as an additional service on your site for families that would like to request it. With permission, you can also include a few examples on your website.

Live Stream for People Who Can’t Make It to The Service
Many memorials and funeral services occur quite quickly after the deceased departs. This means that there are often friends and family members who live far away that cannot attend. You can accommodate everyone by live-streaming the service on a private platform. That way, the issue of proximity no longer matters and even those who could not come can benefit from the closure that a memorial service or funeral can provide. This broadcast can then be archived and given to the family in DVD or digital form.

Streamline Tasks with Administrative Software
Funeral home management software is another huge benefit that technology has to offer the death care business. Death care management software encompasses everything from obituary software to family life planning to funeral home administrative software. Software solutions for funeral homes can help streamline everything from accounting to paperwork to marketing so you can spend more time on the front-facing aspects of your business. Osiris Software was created by funeral, cemetery and crematory professionals who understand first-hand your need to deliver outstanding service while keeping operating costs low.

Osiris Software is a revolution in accessibility and affordability, resulting in a balance of power and simplicity that leaves your staff spending less time learning software, and more time serving families. Our pricing plans are flexible and affordable which makes Osiris not only easy to use but easy to own.

Since our inception, Osiris Software has been helping funeral homes, cemetery and crematory businesses prosper through innovative solutions and world class customer service.