One of the first things a family is going to see when they walk into your funeral home is the atmosphere you’ve created.

It is important that it isn’t one that will bring their moods down even more or one that may feel uncomfortable. Your goal is to help them feel comfortable and safe in your funeral home.

There are many ways to help make sure that your home is just that for the families that come in to mourn their loved ones. There are a lot of times where a family will purchase a “funeral package” that will include everything for that day. However, keeping that package up-to-date and modern can help stray away from the stereotypical look and feel of a funeral home.

1. Sunlight

This may seem very small and unimportant, but if you have windows in your funeral home and it is a sunny day out, don’t be afraid to open those curtains. Sunlight has a way of warming up a room and boosting up serotonin within the people around the light.

This can also keep the room feeling more open allowing the families to not feel so trapped. If the families still want to have privacy, you can opt for sheer curtains. These would also for the sunlight to still come in, while also giving privacy to the people inside.

2. Decoration

You may have decor up and already planned out within your funeral home; however, leaving areas open for the families to bring their own may be a great opportunity to make them feel safer. Letting the families put up their own pieces to make them feel at home will make it feel more inviting. This could be picture frames, drawings, or even just something that the deceased really loved to look at.

3. Food and Drink

This doesn’t need to be a full-blown catered event, however, a simple coffee station with specialty creamer and sugar and maybe even some muffins can help calm the nerves of the family you’re hosting.

It is likely they will be there for a few hours, having some nutrition can help keep them stable and nourished through this time of grief. It can also make a good distraction if they need to go focus on something else, like making a coffee.

4. Plants and Outdoor Area

Depending on the setup of your funeral home, having a comfortable outdoor area may be a benefit. Having a small bench with some nicely trimmed bushes and flowers can be inviting for anyone who needs a breath of fresh air. It doesn’t need to be anything large and grand, but just a nice little area for them to possibly sit.

Moving some plants inside can also give a little warmth and color to the atmosphere. These can just look like simple house plants in the corners or by doors, but it can give a nice feeling of life in a funeral home.

There are many ways to create a safe and inviting space in your funeral home, a lot of them are simple and easy changes. You can provide comfort in many ways and using atmosphere to establish positive feelings will only enhance the services you provide.

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