The funeral director serves as an adviser, an administrator, a supporter and a caregiver.

Funeral directors give more than just their time to clients: they also provide caring, compassion and empathy at what, for many, is the absolute worst time of their lives. The funeral director serves as an adviser, an administrator, a supporter and a caregiver.

Fortunately, we can now harness the power of technology to help make the administrative process a little easier while buying back valuable time that is needed to support families during their time of transition. That’s why we created Osiris funeral home management software: to compress the time it takes to perform routine duties to allow funeral directors to spend more time supporting families.

Roles of Funeral Directors
When the funeral director is called, one of his or her first responsibilities is to bring the deceased person’s body to the funeral home. The funeral director also secures information for the deceased person’s death certificate, which is then completed and filed with the proper legal authorities.

The funeral director meets with the family to discuss arrangements for a visitation, if the family requests one, and a funeral. In accordance with law, custom and especially the family’s wishes, the funeral director helps them choose the place, time and type of service, and any other funeral arrangements. The funeral director provides convenient access to a choice of casket or other burial container, a memorial stone or appropriate marker, and alternatives of final disposition—usually burial, cremation or entombment. He or she also offers other considerations from which the family may select, and explains these so that the family may select appropriately.
On the day of the funeral, the funeral director attends to several ceremonial and administrative details as well as to logistical matters such as transportation. Both before and after the service, the funeral director helps the family complete necessary paperwork, including obituary notices and claim forms for social security, veteran’s and union benefits and insurance. Because the emotional impact of death often makes it difficult to concentrate on the details of legal forms, the funeral director’s help in this area is especially appreciated by grieving families.

The funeral director can also answer questions about coping with death, recognize when a person is having difficulty accepting the loss of a loved one and recommend sources of professional counseling for those who need it.

Help for Funeral Directors
Osiris Software is an advanced and fully integrated management solution for funeral homes, cemeteries and crematories. Osiris streamlines everything from placing obituaries, to creating forms and programs, to interfacing with an accounting system, all while building increased family trust and engagement through family collaboration features. Simply put, our funeral home management software helps streamline the parts of your business you wish took less of your time and effort so your energy could be spent elsewhere.

There is no contract or long-term obligation, only a simple agreement. One affordable monthly fee includes all backups and updates along with access to our Osiris Support Team. Contact us today for your free 30-day trial.