As a funeral home director, you want to do everything you can to assure families are as comfortable as possible throughout the funeral planning process.

Without a doubt, funeral directors understand that the arrangement process comes at a difficult time for families and their loved ones and that these conversations need to be conducted with the upmost sensitivity to the situation. Part of this consists of creating an environment conducive to calm and healing. While investing in funeral home software is important, investing in the physical and emotional experience of your business is key as well. Here are a few ways to create a compassionate planning experience during the arrangement process.

Meet Families at Their Home
Osiris Software is a funeral home management software that is accessible from mobile devices which allows funeral directors to be well-prepared for mobile meetings. Mobile funeral directors are especially great for elderly clients as they can spare them a trip amidst all the other things they have on their plate. Mobile meetings also mean that you can conduct the arrangement process with clients in a comfortable and familiar environment – a helpful boost during a time of stress.

Create a Calm Office
For the families visit you at your place of business, you will want to ensure they experience a comfortable office space. Create conversations zones, cozy spaces to sit and talk. This can be anything from a sofa with a couple of chairs to a few chairs on around a desk. The important thing with the zones is that you provide an area where families can sit comfortably when they visit. It’s also essential to have your arrangement process up to speed where you can seamlessly facilitate these conversations. By using a funeral home administration software, you can digitize the planning process, storing all the pertinent information in your computer for later access.

Meet Somewhere Novel
Outside of meeting at the home or office, you can also opt to meet somewhere completely different like a café or park. These types of environments are neutral for all those involved and can also help families feel more relaxed which allows the family planner to open up in ways they might not in a more formal office setting.

In the end, the goal in all of this is to make the funeral arrangement process as easy and streamlined as possible.

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