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Osiris Software was built by funeral directors for funeral directors. Osiris Software is the premium software management solution for funeral homes, cemeteries and crematories. Sign up today for your free 30-day trial where you can explore all these powerful features firsthand. Or, fill out the quick connect form above to request more information.

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Start Your Free Trial.

There is no contract or long-term obligation, only a simple agreement.

Start Your Free Trial.

There is no contract or long-term obligation, only a simple agreement.


As you create a new case file, your client’s case is automatically numbered filed within your case log library. Client case log data is securely stored and now searchable as you build out your task list for at-need, preneed, inquiry, quote, trade cases and add-on purchases.


Keeping your Website, Memorial Product Suite, or Answering Service up-to-date shouldn’t be a chore. Osiris integrates with all popular Vendors in a way that you have to see to appreciate. Once an Integration has been activated, it works silently in the background, keeping everything in sync. No remembering (or forgetting) to manually sync between systems.


Schedule services, arrangement conferences, and meetings from the palm of your hand. Confirm availability of time slots, state rooms, and staff, all from one easy-to-use dashboard.


You have ultimate flexibility and simplicity in tracking the types of Services you sell, allowing you to later report on volume and financial statistics broken down by funeral director or location for any date range. The categories can also be used for tracking purposes to support workflow, sales goals, or other details.


Never miss an important step again. Our Checklist items are user-defined and allow you to complete Checklist items with a time and date stamp and annotations. Create and color-code list for different functions.


Allows users to assign donation services to individual case files for tracking and organization. Connects seamlessly with associated case files within Osiris.


Manage your contacts directly in Osiris. Store clergy, doctors, cemeteries, and more – and access them wherever they are needed.


You can generate an FTC compliant contract using your own custom General Price List. Most funeral directors love Osiris’s flexibility to generate custom descriptions for the contract items, required disclosures & payment terms.


Optional Integrated Credit Card Processing saves you time and money by reducing errors and eliminating double-work.

Benefits Include:

  • Free EMV-Compliant, secure Payment Terminal for card-in-hand processing
  • Ability to enter card information manually for over-the-phone processing
  • Best-in-class security solutions that protect card holder data and meet PCI compliance
  • Meet or Beat on processing rates

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With our cremation management feature you’ll be able to track cremation pickup and drop-off times, record when tasks are complete, and efficiently finish all of the necessary paperwork with Osiris. The workflow steps are also user-defined so you can customize what you want to track.


You should have a forms list that includes only the forms applicable to your funeral home instead of a long library of forms you seldom use. We custom-build each form you need so that your forms list is short and efficient and includes just what you need. We can create a form out of anything that is produced on a page, email or fax. You just send us a single copy of each form you need and we produce your customized list.


Osiris allows you to save important forms and files right alongside your case.  Contracts and forms can be saved with the click of a button, and files from your computer can be uploaded as well.  Just like the rest of your data in Osiris, these documents are backed up for you automatically.


Forensic file for full data entry regarding embalming and body care. Complete with itemized fields and tracking components. With the Embalming Case Report Generator, users can automatically generate complete files with recorded data for records management and administrative workflow. A trusted tool for any audit requests from outside firms and organizations.


Osiris ePay allows direct billing with your client families. Just send the invoice link to your client, payment is captured and then routed directly to your account to be virtually deposited.


Optional Integrated eSignature Capabilities keeps your business moving efficiently, and you in touch with your clients.


  • Mobile-first customer experience. Your customers will be at ease whether signing on their phone or from their computer.
  • Support for combining documents, multiple signers, and initial fields. The big-box eSignature features you expect, tailored to the specific workflows of Funeral Directors, Cremationists, and Cemeterians.
  • No more drawing boxes over and over – Osiris remembers where you want signature fields on your forms without complicated templates.
  • Just like everything in Osiris, we’ve designed eSignature with simplicity and zero training curve in mind. If your staff can print a form, they can request a Signature in Osiris.
  • Signature requests are made in Osiris, and signed documents come right back into your case file, where you need them.
  • No per-user costs. Just straightforward and competitive pricing that allows you to choose how many signatures you need.

Review compliance information.

*Our eSignature feature is currently only available for our United Sates based customers.


Osiris Air connects funeral directors with their client families through a simple communication hub that allows all family members to review and input their loved one’s information.


We live in a mobile world and understand how work must travel with you. So, in addition to our desktop software, Osiris Software connects with our mobile-ready web app where all your work is available so you can stay connected while on the go.


Email Obituaries directly from Osiris. No more using two different systems to manage the emailing of obituaries. Osiris gives you the ability to email, track and view activity related to your emailing of obituaries.


Osiris Software allows for the creation and tracking of pet case files. Once your funeral home business is partnered with your local veterinary clinics, Osiris provides our users with the administrative requirements to facilitate family pet processing. This feature allows you to process the pet case within your funeral home business or with the local clinics. Our pet case file features pet processing for memorial services, cremation, paw prints and more.


Because Osiris is in the cloud, many funeral homes take advantage of the cloud storage for their pictures for cases. This is a great way to store both preneed and at need photos for use in videos or other service items. This is also the place where you will store your photos that you will use in our email system to send obituary photos to newspapers.


Because of our roots as an accounting firm for funeral homes across the nation, we are proud to deliver the industry’s best integration between Osiris and QuickBooks, hands-down. We’ve worked with Intuit to develop true, 2-way direct integration with both Quickbooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online – no intermediary Excel files or outdated and troublesome file-based imports. From the foundation, the integration was built around the way funeral homes operate and is supported by a team of accountants who know how the funeral industry uses QuickBooks.


Osiris gives you the ability to enter and print payments from either preneed or at need customers. These payments then can be exported into QuickBooks at the touch of a button which simplifies the production of financial results.


Schedule services, arrangement conferences, and meetings from the palm of your hand. Confirm availability of time slots, state rooms, and staff, all from one easy-to-use dashboard.


Special Category with additional features for designated Veterans and Service Members. Ensures recipients receive all burial care benefits associated with those who have served in the US Armed Forces. Some features available include Service Details and Merit, Flag Request, Marker and/or Medallion Request, Burial Benefits and Life Insurance.


Your bookkeeping solution is right at your fingertips! Osiris Software generates a variety of operation, financial and sales reports. Get forecasting and trend analysis for your funeral home business operations and monitor financial activity throughout the year. Report data can be pulled by year, month, or day – custom time frames are also available. Our volume reporting is great for funeral businesses with multiple locations and can be sorted to track sales and staff performance.

The Customer Report Builder features data block export options so you can build your own report based on data points that you can select throughout Osiris. Sort, filter and select specific date ranges to export a base excel ready for import. Exports are standardized and can be exported as PDF, Word, Excel and more.

Additional Custom Report Generation is available as an Add-On Support Service

The Right Tools. The Right Solution.

Osiris Software captures all of your data in one central, affordable system and distributes it instantly to all other integrated components to eliminate redundant efforts.

Flexible Plans To Grow With You.

Osiris Software offers worry-free, monthly subscription-based pricing plans. Software enhancements and technical support are always included with every subscription.

We Answer Only To You.

When you succeed, we succeed. Osiris Software is independently owned and operated and we stand by our commitment to you and a promise that we won’t sell our products through you.


International Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Association (ICCFA) recognizes that their members have special obligations to the families and public we serve.

The National Funeral Directors and Morticians Associations (NFD&MA) works to improve the business condition of its members and to maintain high standards of service for the benefit of the public.

The Oklahoma Funeral Directors Association (OKFDA) develops and maintains the highest possible standard for ethical conduct and proficiency for those engaged in the profession of funeral service.

Performance ratings from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) speaks our business’ track record of delivering results in accordance with BBB standards and/or addressing customer concerns in a timely, satisfactory manner.

The National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) is the world’s leading, largest and most trusted association to support funeral professionals.

The California Association of Public Cemeteries (CAPC) is dedicated to promoting the development of Public Cemetery Districts and Public Cemetery governance through interactive communication, education, and legislative advocacy.

Texas Funeral Directors Association (TFDA) is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in funeral service, working to promote and improve consumer relations between funeral professionals and the public.

Start Your Free Trial.

There is no contract or long-term obligation, only a simple agreement.

Start Your Free Trial.

There is no contract or long-term obligation, only a simple agreement.