Osiris Software is a revolution in accessibility and affordability, resulting in a balance of power and simplicity that leaves your staff spending less time learning software, and more time serving families. Osiris was created by funeral, cemetery and crematory professionals who understand first-hand your need to deliver outstanding service while keeping operating costs low. There is no contract or long-term obligation, only a simple agreement. One affordable monthly fee includes all backups and updates along with access to our Osiris Support Team. And, the Osiris subscription plans have been competitively priced to save you money because we know that when you succeed, we succeed.


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Osiris Software is cloud-based which means it is always on and always accessible. We live in a mobile world and understand how work must travel with you. So, in addition to our desktop software, Osiris Software offers mobile apps for both iOS and Android so you can stay connected while on the go.


Osiris Software was built by funeral directors for funeral directors. Osiris Software is the premium management solution for funeral homes, cemeteries and crematories. Our pricing plans are flexible and affordable which makes Osiris not only easy to use, but easy to own. Give Osiris a try and sign up for your 30-day free trial. And, because we know you’ll fall in love with Osiris, once your free trial is up, all your work and data will seamlessly rollover to one of our paid subscription plans so you can just keep on working.



Osiris Software puts the power of managing your cremation cases in your hands. With our cremation management feature you’ll be able to track cremation pickup and drop-off times, record when tasks are complete, and efficiently finish all of the necessary paperwork with Osiris. The workflow steps are also user-defined so you can customize what you want to track.


The Osiris Support Team is here to help you because we know work doesn’t stop simply because questions come up. Email us or call us directly to get the answers you need about our death care management software.

OSIRIS SUPPORT (877) 267-4747



The Osiris Support Team answers dozens of questions throughout the week so we’ve compiled some our frequently asked questions for your convenience. Don’t see what you’re looking for here? Give us a call and let’s chat.

Our prices are very simple. We have 3 tiers based on your case volume and the number of users you have – there are no per case or per location fees. So, if you do 250 cases in 3 locations, the total charge for all three locations each month would be $155 per month for the first five users. Each additional user is simply $10 per month. You would pay a one-time upfront fee of $595.00. We made our pricing easy to understand- just like our software!

Nope! We simply charge by the number of user devices (computers, phones, tablets) accessing the system, regardless of where those users are located. The reason we do this is simple: storing case information costs virtually nothing – supporting users is where our costs are, so that’s how we charge. This allows us to pass the most savings on to you, resulting in lower costs for you vs artificial per-case costs (especially as your firm grows!).

Anything you produce on a piece of paper from memorial books to custom forms can be produced with a touch of a button from Osiris.  We can even show you how to make your own forms and you can use unlimited forms that you can build yourself.  Of course, our packages include a number of forms that we can design for you and all government required forms are always included at no charge!

Osiris Enterprise Solutions work very well for large firms.  For just $325 per month, we include the first 20 users.  Each user over the first 20 is $10 per user per month.  If you have 30 users, your monthly fee would simply be $325 plus $10 per user for the additional 10 users for a total monthly fee of $425.00 for your entire organization.  A one-time onboarding fee of $1995 would take care of all of your onboarding needs and we also offer onsite training for $1,250 per day.

Because our owners are funeral directors, we know that your business is never closed. We provide unlimited live support from 9 am to 6 pm CST Monday through Friday and email support on the evenings and weekends. Our response time on holidays and weekends will exceed your expectations!

Yes! We’re all about using the right tool for the right job.  Rather than re-invent the wheel, we’ve set out to make Osiris talk to your favorite software in ways that truly make your life easier.  From QuickBooks and Dropbox to all of the amazing products in the Funeral and Cemetery space, we’ve got you covered.  Visit our Partnerships page for to see our ever-growing list of integrations.

Yes we are. Our core business is Software to help run your business. We aren’t selling products through you, and we don’t answer to a board. We answer to you – plain and simple.

We understand that our society expects mobility and online access to your business. Osiris works really well on a Surface tablet and many funeral directors make arrangements with their Surface tablet – anywhere.
You can email an obituary directly from your computer or tablet from just about anywhere. You can even email Osiris without having to access your work or personal email accounts.
Our checklist functionality for case functions and cremation tracking receives high praise from our customers. The power to create checklists is in your hands and you can create a completely custom checklist or multiple checklists to track your progress on service actions. You can also create action items specific to a case to track case specific functions.

Yes. Our Calendar functions to keep you organized so that you can see all your services and any other scheduled items like arrangement conferences and other non-service related items.