Funeral directors the world over, remain committed and prepared to safely care for the families they serve during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

In these unprecedented times, it’s understandable grieving families are seeking answers on how to proceed with respect and care during this fluid time.

As a software service that supports funeral directors and death care businesses, we recognize their committed responsibility to protect the health of those they are privileged to serve. And, despite the current global climate of COVID-19, we know that funeral directors will continue to guide families in ways they can meaningfully and safely commemorate the life of their loved one, while adhering to the guidance issued by federal, state and local public health officials.

Below are some common questions from families that we’ve compiled as this situation has evolved. Funeral directors and death care businesses are welcome to share this information with their families in whatever means they feel appropriate.

Can I arrange a funeral during the pandemic?

Yes, you can still go ahead and arrange a funeral. Please be aware that while funeral homes will remain open, funerals should be arranged over the phone or via other electronic means, wherever possible.

Can I arrange a funeral if I have Coronavirus symptoms?

If you or anyone else involved in arranging a funeral has symptoms of Coronavirus, or has tested positive for the infection, please remain self-isolated and follow the CDC’s and our government’s advice. You can still arrange a funeral online, or over the phone.

Can I view my loved one in a chapel of rest during the pandemic?

In most cases, yes, you can still view your loved one, but it is vital that you make the arrangements beforehand. Once you have agreed to a time to visit with your funeral director, be very careful to only visit with others living in the same household. If you are in an at-risk group, you are strongly advised not to make a visit.

Can I attend a funeral during the pandemic?

The government has advised that funeral services should be restricted to the smallest possible number of attendees to help reduce the risk of spreading the infection. Only consider attending a funeral if you are a member of the same household or immediate family member*. If you are in an at-risk group, then please do not attend. If you do attend, then be sure to maintain a social distance of six feet from other mourners, and do not make physical contact with anyone from outside of your household. Any individual displaying symptoms of Coronavirus should not attend.

*Immediate family is defined as: Spouse/Partner, Parents/Carers, Brothers/Sisters, Children (and partners)

Where can I hold the funeral?

You can hold the funeral in many of the same locations as before, but there have been some closures. Many crematoriums now have restrictions on the number of people allowed at a service, and how you can interact during it. You will have to talk to your funeral director about how this affects you and your arrangements.

Is there any way that I can view a service online?

Yes, there are several ways that funeral services can be viewed over the internet. The most common way is via webcasting, or live streaming. Many funeral directors now offer this service which allows many people to attend a funeral, without putting anyone at risk.

How can I donate in memory of someone without being at the funeral?

You can donate to charity in memory of your loved one online.

How should I let people know about an upcoming funeral?

During this time, it is advised that you do not publicly advertise the time or location of a funeral. This reduces the risk of others arriving unexpectedly. If anyone unexpected does turn up, they may be turned away at the door, which could be distressing for them and the bereaved family.

Please know that as the situation evolves, so will the guidelines funeral directors should take to care for families, their employees and funeral home business vendors.

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