Social media is now the largest marketing tool available to small businesses.

However, it is an industry that changes slower than others. Here are some of the top trends that you’ll need to be aware of as you move your business forward.

Affordable Options

More individuals and families are opting for cremations and an urn over burials and graves. Cremation is seen as a more economical and affordable choice. The average cost of a funeral service and burial can be around $10,000. These prices don’t include the cost of a burial plot. In contrast, a funeral service and cremation costs are typically around $6,000, which includes the cremation process.

Environmental Friendly

There is a growing interest in eco-friendlier funeral options. Many people looking for cremation services are also looking for eco-friendly cremation options. Instead of a traditional burial with embalming fluids, concrete, and steel being buried into the earth.
Some entrepreneurs are taking notice, creating, and offering these eco-friendly cremation processes. For example, one process speeds up the natural decomposition process instead of using a furnace. It is supposed to be safe for residential areas and puts off zero emissions into the environment.
Some families who want to be environmentally friendly but still opt for more traditional burials are being placed in hybrid green burial sections within a cemetery.

Personal Touches

Everything is becoming more personalized, so it only makes sense that one’s funeral plans also become more personalized. This trend has caused funeral homes and cemeteries to adapt their services and offerings. For example, providing hybrid green space in cemeteries as mentioned above, engraved urns, and personalized keepsakes for family members.
Some new digital tools are helping with the idea of personalization. Some services now offer tools to funeral homes to upgrade their website designs, tribute videos, tribute books, and even live streaming services. This leads us into our next section.

Digital Death Planning

Digital tools to help individuals make plans for their funeral arrangements are growing in popularity. One digital company helps cremation businesses offer a supreme customer experience for digital planners. In addition, they provide email marketing tools and e-commerce options.
Meanwhile, another company offers customers the option to use their digital platform to store important documents. Documents like cemetery plans, life insurance, wills, and any other necessary documents loved ones will need after they are gone.

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