As in any industry, social media marketing is a delicate balance between creative output and content relevance.

In the death care industry, you don’t want to overly saturate your messaging, however it is important to communicate enough to ensure you convey the depth and breadth of your services effectively. This can be achieved by employing a symbiotic strategy: tying together branding, storytelling, imagery and authenticity to harness the power of each social media channel.

Here is a step by step approach to begin using social media marketing for your funeral home.

Build Your Brand
First, you need to create a consistent brand image to use for social media as well as your website, print advertising and anywhere else you advertise your business. This includes a logo, typography, short value statement, and, depending on how far you want to go, brand guidelines. You can either work on this yourself or hire a marketing agency. After this is complete, your logo, font and messaging should remain the same across every medium. This makes your company easily recognizable, searchable and boosts SEO in the long run.

Streamline Your Story
Messaging that drives home the value of your services is an essential component of a successful social media strategy for your funeral home business. In a world of limited characters and short attention spans, you need concise copy to memorably impart your value. This can be everything from a short slogan that goes in your page bios to a short statement explaining what you do. Even better, create informational value for your clients by simplifying the funeral planning process into easily digestible steps and graphics. This way, a family can see not only the services value that you provide but the emotional and guiding one as well.

Create a Visual Identity
High-quality photos are the third facet of an impactful social media presence. Take tons of photos of the services, of families you work with (if they give permission), of flower arrangements, casket options and even day to today operations. Photos are a great way to not only display what you do, what your business offerings are, but you also bring transparency to a process most people are unaware of. These can also be used on your website, and in print ads and across your social media platforms.

Start a photo library of business culture photos as well. Culture photos can be employee and team photos of community outreach services, business training, networking events and more. A few good shots of the funeral director and any other team members will also be a good asset. This helps people put a face to the name and see who they’ll be working with. Social media posts featuring different team members is a great way to build authenticity for your funeral home business online. You can also use these photos to build out a team page on your website with photos, short bios and a few fun facts.

Start Posting
The final step is creating the posts and then posting the content to consistently to your website and social media channels. Active Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts are the key pillars of a successful funeral home business digital marketing strategy in 2019. Make sure to use your logo as your profile photos across the board so you’re easily recognizable to customers trying to find you online.

Through social media, you can share customer experiences, reviews and photos that showcase your work and anything you think will help to build your funeral home business.

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