Facebook makes it easy for funeral home businesses to interact with friends, colleagues, vendors and followers on the network.

Facebook can boost a funeral home’s brand awareness, earning thousands of views through content that showcases what makes your business unique and giving you an opportunity to virtually open your doors to the community.

Feature Your Staff Members

Funeral home owners understand that their personal brand can become closely tied to how their business is perceived in the community. Featured posts provide an opportunity for you and other members of your team to share topics that are important to you.

Live Video Option: Use the Facebook Live video feature to interview your staff members. Ask about their education; how they became involved in the death care industry and what they find most rewarding about their work. Depending on your team’s comfort level with appearing on camera, you can generate the list ahead of time to give the interview subject an opportunity to consider their responses before you start broadcasting.

Collaborate With Another Local Business Or Organization

It’s common that many death care businesses work with many other local businesses and organizations in their areas. Facebook provides an opportunity to connect your funeral home business, those entities and your audience in a meaningful way. This not only reinforces your important place within your community by showing staff members interacting outside the funeral home, but also provides education for families about options and services they may not be already aware.

Host A Q&A Session And Ask Open-Ended Questions

Over the years, you’ve probably answered a wide range of questions from client families about the services you provide. A great way that you can accomplish this is by posting open-ended questions that require people to answer. Aside from creating engagement, these posts are also a great way to get the community talking about life, death and generally make your funeral home more approachable.

Live Video Option: Facebook Live also provides an engaging way to address questions, in real time and in a comfortable setting. Build a list of questions that you often hear from families. What are the most common questions? What questions do you wish families would ask to help them better understand the funeral planning process? Then engage with your audience through the comments on your video, answering their questions and addressing the comments during the live stream.

One of the most important and appealing aspects of owning a death care business is the valuable relationships and connections you make. Facebook continues to be the reigning champ of social media sites, as the top spot where businesses can market themselves through interaction with customers and self-promotion. Facebook is a powerful marketing tool – it’s a great space to keep your funeral home client families informed, develop brand identity, and broaden your reach.

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