A trend that is happening in the death care industry is to have a funeral service be a celebration of life then traditional services in the past.

Though a traditional service is something that will always be asked for, you want to pre prepared if a family is requesting a celebration.

While having a celebration of life, the service may be more lively as well as much different in the sense of grieving. Everyone will grieve differently and to start the grieving process off with a celebration of life could make it easier for some people. With this type of service becoming more and more popular in the country, it may be time to look into what that looks like for you and your funeral home.

Ways to Add a Celebration to Your Funeral Packages

Different people are going to want different things, but in the end, it is important to have the options available for them to choose from. This way they can create a funeral service that best suits their grieving process and wishes.


While catering may not be easy for some funeral homes to offer, it may add an extra level of comfort and ease to a funeral service. Giving your customers a list of possible caterers that can be at their celebration service can change up the whole atmosphere and make it livelier. Catering can also give the family a chance to honor the loved one’s favorite food and feel connected to them.

Music Request

Adding music is very common in funeral homes as it can be another way to honor the deceased by playing their favorite songs. But allowing families to bring their own playlist or song recommendations can make a traditional series more of a celebration. Also, many families may want a musician to play during the services or to dedicate a song for a special moment in the services.

Video and Pictures

While it is common to have families bring photos in frames or poster boards, there is another level that could be added to this personalization piece. Offering to show home
videos or specific videos that the loved one enjoyed could be a great way to create talking points and a comfortable atmosphere. This can be done with a simple projector on a wall if you have the space. With a projector, you can make sure it doesn’t get in anyone’s way and the videos can be changed easier.

Remember you are there to help them through this process and make sure their loved one is honored. If there are specific options that they may want, you want to be ahead of the curb and have them available.

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