After making your first impressions with someone you need to make sure that you have a great business card to hand them.

A business card is how you get to portray your business and brand to your audience. It is also an opportunity to make an impression even long after you meet someone.

Designing the perfect business card can seem challenging due to different sizes, colors, textures, fonts, and materials. All of these options can be personalized to your liking to best represent your brand and business. While working in the death care industry, you don’t want your business card to blend in with the others in your field, you want to stand out and stick in your audience’s memory.

Utilize Your Logo

Every business should have a proper logo to represent them, even if it is just the business name in a certain font. When you are making your business card, your logo or business name should be one of the first things your audience sees. This will help them remember and be able to associate you with your field of business. In the death care industry, you may not want a large flashy logo. Something simple that is able to get your point across may be just what you need.

Don’t Overcrowd

Even though your business card is small, that doesn’t mean you should fill in every ounce of space within it. Keeping your business card simple and straight to the point can make it easier for your audience to read and understand. You can use things like font, colors, and texture to help get your brand out there without having to fill up the space with words or pictures.

Add Your Information

The words that you do choose to put on the card should be there for a reason. Your business name, your name, phone number, website, or email can all be great information to put on the card. You want your audience to be able to contact you when they need to. On the card itself, you can show prioritization by making some information in a bigger or different font than the rest of your information. Your name and business may appear larger than your phone number to show importance.

Design For Your Audience

While you don’t want to overcrowd or make your business card too noisy for your audience, you want to sit back and learn what they would want. A business in the death care industry could have a very point-blank business card with neutral colors. If that is a style you think will work best for your brand and audience, work with that. However, if you believe your audience will react better to softer colors and something with a brighter attitude, switch it up.

Designing a business card can be crucial to any small business’s physical marketing. It is the first impression of many customers. Creating a perfect card could take a lot of brainstorming, but in the end, you will have a great way to market the business you are proud of.

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