Osiris Software, the leading provider of funeral home, cemetery and crematory management software announces today that they have purchased InSight Books and Certified Celebrants.

“We are excited to be a part of Osiris Software and look forward to continuing to support funeral directors and cemeterians in the vital services they provide to grieving families” said Glenda Stansbury, Vice President of InSight Books. Kris Gray, CEO of Osiris Software, stated that “Osiris and InSight are both family owned and operated companies. The missions of each company integrate beautifully to strengthen our commitment to support funeral homes and cemeteries across the United States and Canada.”

Both companies started with the goal of filling a need for the funeral industry. InSight Books was founded in 1983 when Doug Manning became aware of the need for resources and seminars in the areas of bereavement and life transitions. InSight provides tremendous resources for the funeral and cemetery industries through their books, video, and audio products. InSight also provides and trains Celebrants through their Certified Celebrant Services. Doug Manning will continue to write new content for future grief resources. Doug’s daughters, Glenda Stansbury, Kathy Burns, Cindy Perez and Sandra Sherry are all going to continue to provide the same amazing customer service and support that is the cornerstone of their legacy.

Osiris Software was founded in 2009 by Kris Gray and Kara Gray Ludlum, siblings and second-generation funeral directors. Marty Ludlum, Education Director, and Ben Adams, Senior Developer are also founders of the company. Kris and Kara originally collaborated with Ben Adams to develop Osiris Software for use in their own family funeral homes. Osiris Software is unique because it has been continuously owned and operated by the founders. The software development has been continuous by founder, Ben Adams, and his staff of developers. One other unique attribute of Osiris is that they are co-owned with the accounting firm, Ludlum & Mannen CPAs, PC. Kara Ludlum is a funeral director, a CPA and operates the accounting firm that exclusively serves the funeral home and cemetery industry. The accounting firm has provided valuable input in the development of features and continues to support the integration between the accounting needs and software features.

Many exciting new products and features are ahead for the two companies as they continue to provide unparalleled commitment to helping funeral homes maintain their operational efficiency and relevance to their communities. Since inception, both companies have been helping funeral home, cemetery and crematory professionals prosper through innovative solutions and world class customer service.

Since our inception, Osiris Software has been helping funeral homes, cemetery and crematory businesses prosper through innovative solutions and world class customer service.