While we live in an increasingly virtual world where everything we do is done by computer or phone. With a lot of marketing techniques being focused on the virtual element of life it seems like physical marketing has taken to the back burner.

Physical marketing is something we pass by every day without realizing it. We see signs, coupons, business cards, pamphlets, and so much more in our day-today lives. In the end, what we see every day stays in our minds and that is why it is important to utilize multiple different marketing strategies.

Use Your Community

When it comes to small businesses, it is common for people in that town to want to support them. One thing that community members love is when a local business sponsors local events, teams, or charities. You will both be helping your community and getting your name out there. This can also create a great rapport with your town.

Town Signs

In your town, there are bound to be bus stops, baseball fields, and newspapers, and church flyers where you will see ads placed around. Looking into the cost and process of getting your businesses out there and plastered on one or more of those options could be an amazing way to spread your name in the death care industry and get into people’s heads.

Tried-and-True Methods

Websites may be the new way of getting your name out there, but the option of business cards and pamphlets is still just as powerful. Getting your physical card into people’s hands can be a great way to also get into their heads. Those business cards could be put in their wallets, their fridge, or even used as bookmarks.
These physical marketing materials could also be utilized through mailing out leaflets to people in the town occasionally. These leaflets can be filled with your business’s information, photos, and even a mission statement. Whatever shows that your business is there for the community.
As much as we would like to think that online and social media marketing has overpowered everything else, the tried-and-true methods of marketing can still reign supreme.

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