Implementing the right marketing strategy for your cremation business is essential in building brand awareness and consumer loyalty.

The right marketing strategy and tactics can be streamlined and made cost-efficient, so there is no need to limit these initiatives in your budget if you’re implementing them effectively.

Connect on a Human Level

People gravitate to brands and businesses that they feel a connection with and they will be loyal to those businesses in exchange for that relationship. So it’s important to nurture those relationships and build loyalty with the people you want walking through your door. After all, your families’ word of mouth opinions carry more weight than all of your advertising combined.

Thoughtful customer service can also continue after the funeral is over. Your cremation business can send after-care condolence letters, holiday cards and season’s greetings in remembrance of their loved one and more. These small added touched of personal communication are special and customers will appreciate the gestures even more because you remembered them.

As you do so, show empathy and offer a human element to your services and marketing as well. An important component of the death care industry is supporting and caring for those left behind by the person who passed away. Families will remember the support and genuine care you provided them more than anything else, so include these genuine feelings of sympathy in marketing as well.

Publish Your Prices

There are plenty of ways to publish your prices in a respectful and dignified manner that don’t conflict with any negative connotations regarding the families’ relationship with a loved one and a transactional exchange. A simple price sheet in print and on your website allows for families to privately prepare for financial impacts in advance. With a tiered pricing approach, you can also show families that you can provide affordable cremations and other services, and they shouldn’t feel like they have to spend thousands of dollars to honor their family members.

Diversify Your Service Offerings

Try to add different funeral services and products to your cremation business. You can offer to organize events to celebrate the life of the family’s loved one, such as religious or scattering ceremonies, or other memorial services. You can also partner with companies to provide specialized products and services that families may want, such as glass blown ash art, memory urns, memory planters, flower arrangements and more. This will make preparations easier for the family, since they can get multiple services and products in one place.

One of the most important and appealing aspects of owning a cremation business is the valuable relationships and connections you make.

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