With the popularity of social media it is important to stay up-to-date on the marketing opportunities that come along with it. There are many platforms that you can take advantage of and a lot of them are very user-friendly and easy to pick up. However, you don’t want to spread too thin. Remember to use the platforms that interest your wanted audience.

One of the biggest social media outlets in use today is Facebook. This can be a great first step or a perfect one to utilize the most. Facebook has many features and benefits. It can help grow your business, reach people you may not be able to normally, and be able to create a brand for yourself.

Create a Page You are Proud Of

The first step is always to create a business page. There are separate pages for personal and business, so you want to make sure you are using the business side of Facebook to really get out of it what you want. With this page, you are able to include your business’s name, a little biography about it, and then even hours, a phone number, or other contact sources like a website. This may be the first time people are seeing your business, you want to make a great first impression.
You can also put in pictures for a cover and profile picture. These can be a logo, a picture of the building, the inside, really anything that you think shows off your business in the death care industry right.

Gaining Momentum

After creating the page, the next step is to get people to see it. You can start off by getting your employees to follow the page, then inviting other people and businesses to come to your page as well. Starting with people you know can be an easy way to grow in the community’s eye. From there, it can trickle down to people coming to you from friends of friends.


The biggest part about having a business page is staying active. When your page is active, it shows your followers that you are still there and ready to take their service. This means posting photos, status updates, maybe even sharing events that are happening around the town. By sharing common events, you can also get your name and brand in the eye of a new audience.

Use Facebook to Your Advantage

Posting and creating a page is one thing, but Facebook has many different features out there to help you gain followers and a better view in the public eye. There are Facebook ads that you can purchase. These can be shown in the sidebar of people’s screens in your area or people who may be searching for things that have to do with your business.
Going Live on Facebook, or posting to stories, can also show that there is a human behind the screen. Especially in the death care industry, you want to show your families that you are a soulful and lively human being and are there for anything they may need now or in the future. Going Live or posting in stories can also promote any deals or new items you may have in store as well.
With all of the benefits that Facebook offers for small businesses, it could be life-changing to take a look at the process of setting up a page and growing your brand.

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