When it comes to the death care industry, sometimes new technology and innovations may not be the first on people’s minds. However, in our day and age, utilizing the internet and social media marketing can be one of the biggest differences between being well known in your town, and being ignored.

This doesn’t mean you have to go sign up for every social media known to man, many of them may not be of any use to you. You have to sit back and see what your goals and intentions are. Do you want to connect with your community? Do you want to grow your brand and create an audience? Whatever your goals may be, there is social media that can be helpful.


Facebook is one of the first social media accounts many businesses create when they first start out. But just opening a Facebook page and not utilizing it will not get the feedback and growth you are looking for.
Facebook is the perfect way to connect with other local businesses in your community. You can go like and follow their pages and get to know them more through the site. By connecting with other businesses, this will then prompt people in the area to see your page and possibly follow you as well.
What you post can also have an effect on if people decide to follow you. Some funeral homes may only post obituaries or upcoming services. While this may be helpful to some, to others it may seem like a slight downer as they don’t want their feed filled with grief. You can even post community events you may go to. Spicing up your profile with more than just obituaries can help show your audience you are a more personal business and a human on the other side of the screen.

Google My Business

This may be a simple one, however, it will make a world of difference if people in your community are looking for funeral homes. Using the free software Google my Business can help people find you when they are searching up related topics and places. It can show them a quick rundown of your business, hours, reviews, and photos as well. It is like a virtual business card for your funeral home. It is simple to set up and completely free for you to use.
There are a lot of free ways to get your name and brand out there for your audience. To take your funeral home to the next step, it is important to branch out into the technology-filled world and see what social media has to offer.

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